Better Sleep, Every Night

Somtex technology builds on years of experience in sleep ergonomics and biomechanics to arrive at a mattress structure and material composition that pays close attention to sleep posture and movement – so you can enjoy better sleep every night. Our patented mattress design adapts to the contours of the human body to offer unmatched comfort and support. Engineered from multi-composite memory foam, the mattress consists of patented hex cell cushioned skin, a responsive mid-layer and sturdy base layer. Together they create a mattress that’s firm, yet pleasantly accommodating – designed to improve physical wellbeing and sleep quality. Somtex pillows incorporate a layer of cryocooled gel on a bed of superior density memory foam to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature – not too cool, not too warm – perfectly suited to deep sleep. Explore our range of sleep technology solutions. For restful, rejuvenating sleep, every night.