Somtex RestEasy Weighted Blanket

Somtex RestEasy Weighted Blanket

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The Somtex Rest Easy Weighted Blanket has been carefully designed for utmost comfort, promoting a sense of deep relaxation so you can enjoy a full restful and rest or at night’s sleep, or simply un wind after a long day. The Somtex Rest Easy features a 15 pound inner blanket with three weighted layers: two made from poly fiber and the last from 0.8 mm glass beads. Their combined structure allows the calculated weight to sink and mold to one’s body. Coupled with its plush velvet quilt cover, it offers a silky soft feeling against your skin.

All three weighted layers are specifically engineered to mimic the feeling of being hugged or tucked in, providing you with an overarching feeling of security. This comfortable pressure offers you an immediate sense of calm, and helps you enter a relaxed state so you can gently drift off to sleep. Due to the weight of the blanket, it is not suitable for children.

Inner Blanket Specifications

  • 100%soft yet durable cotton with 200 TC
  • Designed with three weighted layers (two poly fiber, one 0.8 mm glass beads)·8 loops for easy attachment to quilt cover so the inner blanket remains in place
  • Dimensions: 48 x 72 inches
  • Total weight: 16.3 lb
  • Color: Gray with feature 6 x 6 quilted pattern Quilt cover specifications
  • Polyester with quilting pattern on the top side and plush velvet on the back for maximum comfort
  • One layer of 100 gsm poly fiber for extra weight
  • Easy access zipper and 8 ties to secure the inner weighted blanket
  • Dimensions: 48 x 72 inches
  • Color: Gray with feature 6 x 6 quilted pattern Cleaning instructions
  • Inner Blanket: spot clean only
  • Quilt cover: machine washable